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I called this one pretty well.

Yeah, so last night, UGA gave it up to Alabama for the sixth time in a row, most likely ending the Dawgs’ hopes for a national title. They only dropped one place and statistically still have a shot, but let’s be realistic. Anyway, a little over a year ago, I offered some observations about how to turn a perenially good team into the best. Needless to say, those points were roundly ignored.

Enter the CoronaHax, and I made a prediction or three about this season – back in May.

At long last, this will be the season that the annual meeting of the UGA Next Year Club will be held via Zoom. I figure that, if the season even starts, it will end 4 and 2, with the telethon to happen on or around Tuesday, October the 13th. It’ll be like the union of also-rans who proudly disclaim 2/3rds of their national championships with a technology built more for porn hacking than for conferencing. I’m excited.

I got the date within a week and without knowing about the ten-game shakeup and so forth. I’m still excited though I can’t attend the meeting. Sorry. Without me, proceed with all the “Gosh darn it! We jus needs to keep a doin what we doin a little harder, thas awe!” Assuming it lasts, it will be a very good (not great) season. Just like next year.