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The more one probes the school, the more chaotic and idiotic the scene becomes – by design.

Diversianity is the new religion of public education, replacing God with satan’s little numbers game. Since 1965, the war has raged, changing the character of the country and the classrooms. And the schools have a formula for defining exactly what they mean by this lunacy:

The analysis comes amid mounting pressure to integrate New York City’s public schools, including almost weekly student protests demanding districtwide action. New York City is one of the most segregated school districts in the country, with only 28 percent of schools in the city considered diverse, widely defined as no one group exceeding 50 percent and no two groups exceeding 80 percent. City schools on the whole are 41 percent Latino, 26 percent black, 16 percent Asian and 15 percent white.

They’ve gone a little too far in NYC. Oops! Suddenly, they have too few White students, though the concern is that too many of the too few still group together in defiance of the formula.

None of this bullshit has anything to do with helping anyone learn anything unless it’s the importance of homeschooling. Of course, they have formulas to literally prevent that: I lost the link, but there’s an openly-stated plan to reduce literacy in the public schools. Seriously. They keep tinkering with the number of classes – four, five, whatever – but they do classify how well children (and adults) read. A ridiculous number cannot. The goal is to have everyone (EVERYONE) read at the second, or “Basic” level. That’s one step below “proficient.” It’s as Carlin said: people just smart enough to do the paperwork, but dumb enough to passively accept the system.

One would assume that the planners themselves read on the border of proficient and advanced and are content to allow some advanced readers to excel past level two. (There’s no way to stop the smart kids and the cretins assume the high-achievers will someday join the planner class anyway).

This, all of it, isn’t just bad news for writers. It’s a warning bell for all civilized society. It’s ringing loudly and constantly. Do you hear it?