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Five years ago, which seems like an entirely different age and era ago, I posted ten happy things to do while enjoying fall. Happy first day of fall 2020, by the way. Here’s the COVID-BLM-Election-2020 updated list:

  1. Cooler weather.  Okay. Still got that one – enjoy it.
  2. Scenery.  And we still have the colorful fall foliage, provided you’re able to travel to where it is or where it’s better. *Update: drive less and hike more. Exercise and outdoor training with red and brown leaves.
  3. FootballHit. The. Weights. It’s time to lift every voice and get in fighting shape. Do some boxing while you’re at it.
  4. Fall brews Go Maskless. Run, walk, lift, train – just do it sans the sickly face diaper. If time permits, by all means, enjoy the Oktoberfests and pumpkin brews – in moderation.
  5. Fall cigars.  I’ll leave this one to. Smoke one while you take stock of your alternative heating, cooking, and power supplies.
  6. Hunting.  *AND, Range Time. The shooting has begun. There will be more. Don’t be there, but if there comes to you, then be ready.
  7. Sleeping with the windows open.  *Done best when you: Get. Out. Of. The. Cities. Fresh air is great and there’s still time to put some distance between you and them.
  8. Sitting by a fire.  Outside.  With a beer.  In that cool weather.  *I’ll also leave this one, so long as the chores are finished, you’re outside the metro areas, and you’re prepared to deal with those who like to set other kinds of fires.
  9. Holidays.  Who knows what the season will bring. Will there be flights? Will gatherings be banned? There’s that election thing – which, one way or the other, will get messy. Regardless, slow down, appropriately, and allow a little decompression.
  10. Raking leaves.  Torn on this one. Neat and tidy is always important, and the raking is good exercise. On the other hand, a disheveled yard might “grey out” your house, rendering it less vulnerable to, say, peaceful protesters.

Well, that wasn’t as bad, with as many changes, as I originally thought. This fall would be the ideal time to break the cycle that is this strange year. With heightened situational awareness you can do it, even if only individually. If you haven’t prepared, then now – right now! – is the time. If you have, then happy fall.