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The churchian heretics are at it again, spreading worldly misinformation in the name of the devil’s narrative. The Southern Baptist Convention was a bulwark against the forces of modernity. Now, it is part and parcel with the rot. The SBC is dropping “Southern” from its name because “racist” or something. Among all the lunacy, this sentence, also previously parroted by “Pope” Francis, from President J.D. Greear stands out: “Our Lord Jesus was not a White Southerner but a brown-skinned Middle Eastern refugee.

No, He was not. Here, they try to blend too recent SJW narratives into one in order to curry favoritism with the enemies of Christ and all Christians. The color of Christ’s skin is an open and irrelevant point of speculation. But, He was not a refugee.

As God, He held and continues to hold Total Dominion over all Creation, even, indirectly, that temporarily given to the prince of the SJW’s world. As a man, He was a citizen by birth of the Judean client state of the Roman Empire. His parents – I’ve read this somewhere – were on a trip to satisfy their government’s edicts. How was He a refugee while transiting His own land? He wasn’t.

The fact that Herod decided to persecute Jesus and other young males (like an ancient Planned Parenthood!) is as irrelevant as the Lord’s pigment levels. One will note that the Eastern Wise Men came to Christ – He and His Family did not flee to them. And, according to the churchian Judeo-christians, wouldn’t Herod’s evil actions be justified by Romans 13 anyway? By these people’s warped reasoning, Christ was at best a criminal on the run from the “law.” As a matter of fact, didn’t one B. Shapiru say exactly that?

Good Baptists: a descriptive title is just that. You’d be far better to drop the SBC and its lies.