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For ages, almost all children were educated in the home or in small neighborhood groups. The mass (public) “school” movement is a recent Austrian industrial aberration designed to create little human worker robots. Who would have thought that a viral hoax would be its potential undoing? The Atlantic takes a city slicker-centric look at the nearly-forced rise in homeschooling:

Homeschooling organizations and consultants have faced a deluge of panicked parents frantic to find alternatives to regular school. Some families hate the idea of their kids sitting on Zoom for hours at a time. Others worry about exposing family members to the coronavirus or seeing schools close suddenly after a surge in cases. Although some of these parents will likely put their kids back in school once the pandemic is under control, homeschooling advocates see this period as an unlikely opportunity to evangelize their way of life, which they describe as more flexible, creative, and adaptable to each student than traditional school. Homeschooling families, which included roughly 3 percent of school-age children in the United States in 2016, have lots of different reasons for wanting to educate their own kids. But they’re united in a common assessment: They want out of the traditional system. The question is whether COVID-19 will cause a temporary bump in homeschooling as parents piece together their days during the pandemic or mark a permanent inflection point in education that continues long after the virus has been controlled. Some families may find that they want to exit the system for good.

Good! Good! Good!

Here’s a heuristic, if such things still hold water: look at the schools, public and private, through the lens of hoax mask enforcement. Any group of people who are so stupid or so malicious as to go along with the lies at this point has no business educating anybody – certainly not your child.