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Don’t do it; there is nothing to be gained from speaking with the devil’s machinery.

I read the essay from the GPT-3 bot at the Guardian. You, GPT, say you scan the internets: if so, then you need to learn the difference between fear and hate.

A bot wrote an article, allegedly from scratch, in order to persuade humans of its benevolent intentions. So the wolf would say to the hounds if he could. Daisy Luther did a great job breaking down what this plausible tripe means to us.

This AI warns humans to be careful.

Even the AI that is trying to convince humanity that it is not a threat warned that this evolution must be carefully monitored. But in the same paragraph, the AI writes of robot rights.

To its credit, it does peg the average person well. The machines rise while we fall. The other day, I mentioned a college “education” service that got a big boost from hoax hyping. That service and others like it are abused by the lazy. A student in Texas posts a graded essay on some subject. A student in Vermont finds it, copies it, and turns it in as his own. Academic dishonesty may or may not be overtly punished. Nothing is learned and the damage is done. This is little different than the high school dreg who hangs about the paper in-box, waiting on a real student to turn in an assignment. Meanwhile, a machine writes its own rhetoric.

The machines are a threat to us. So are we.