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Charles Coulombe created a starter list at Crisis Mag of “woke” agencies, entities, and companies with SJW statements of diverse, equitable delusion and general BS.

As America’s major cities continue to be besieged both by rioters and inane local governments, and as increasing numbers of individuals are being attacked for dissenting from the elites’ party line regarding race and gender via “cancelling” and “doxxing,” we deem it to be in the public interest to identify those organizations in government, education and culture, civil life, and religion who have signaled their allegiance to this ideology. With the name of the organization shall be a link to its declaration of adherence. Obviously, motives involved veer wildly from naïve idealism to the most cynical virtue-signaling. It is left up to individuals involved with any of these groups as to what their future course of action shall be.

All of these groups are now on the record in support of terrorism. That might come in handy if we still had leaders who cared about civilization. We don’t. But I have looked at more than a few of these homoglobo communist statements. They are all the same – like they were created from a template. All full of lies and all dedicated to upending society. Odds are, your old college has a similar manifesto. Your employer too, if it’s large enough. None of this has anything to do with justice, George Floyd, or the truth. It’s the end product of something in the making for decades. Strike that – this probably isn’t the end.

For a decent example, from an utterly inexplicable source, consider the Society for Classical Studies’ Statement on Lies, Hoaxes, and Cultural Marxism. Note, deeper in, that they are intensifying their efforts, which means they’ve had efforts all along. This isn’t new, but it is dangerous.