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I’ve seen more evidence that all of Kyle’s heroic actions were properly defensive. He must be freed – so justice is done and so he can get back in the fight for the West. Vox Day’s observations:

Conflict is the air we breathe. It is the water in which we swim. Most men may never be called upon the way men like William Tell and Kyle Rittenhouse were, but we can all be inspired by their examples to be ready to act decisively in case we are. Because what makes a hero is his willingness to pay the price and be the sacrifice for the cause, if necessary.

Kyle Rittenhouse. Casey Peterson. James D’Amore. James O’Keefe. They are the heroes for the next generation because they didn’t do the sensible thing, they didn’t do the pragmatic thing. Instead they stood up and fought back, each in his own way, against a wicked society that hates them and their kind. They are the genuine heroes of the West who the Shapiros, the Pragers, the Petersons, and all the conservatives who have never conserved anything, are desperately trying to neuter.

William Tell is very high company, but the comparison fits. Unlike the usual suspects, Kyle literally conserved something. And he did it without a bow tie and lies.