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As the dedicated professionals of the public disinformation and communist programming cabal reel from one sniffle-based hoax, they grapple with how to deceptively implement another.

John Marshall keeps a picture of Breonna Taylor in his office at the headquarters of Kentucky’s largest school district, a visual reminder, he says, of the need for curriculum changes that better honor and focus on Black stories.

Taylor, a Black emergency medical technician, spent her senior year of high school at Kentucky’s Jefferson County Public Schools, where Marshall, the district’s chief diversity officer, has been leading a system-wide revamp of teaching materials and practices.

Good golly! It’s another “education” story that has it all:

  • Chief diversity officer!
  • Shifting the focus of dumbing it down!
  • Minority majority in Kentucky (they ain’t alone, ‘Murica)!
  • Neo Tower of Bable confusions!
  • “Virtual” learning (which virtually isn’t)!
  • Equity and inclusion everywhere! (just like Holocaustianity, just maybe not quite as important?)
  • 81% of publik skool teechaz supporting Boisterous Lying Marxists!
  • CONTROL!!!
  • New “perspectives!”
  • Lies!
  • More lies!
  • Hyphenationated paperwork-citizens!
  • Likely CIA front company psy-ops!
  • Those meaningful conversations no SJW or globopedo will tolerate! Hey, yeah. Let’s talk about Cannon Hinnant’s murder by that… Oh, okay, I’ll show myself out the door!
  • Saint Floyd of the Opioids!
  • And, much more!

You’ve probably identified the biggest issue with this crock of shit, right? Having succeeded so brilliantly in destroying the curriculum and turning off the young minds, these changes have nothing to take root in. What else, really, can they do that they’re not doing now? White guilt trip sessions? Daily beatings? Equity lynchings?

Who the hell cares? Not you. You homeschool! You’d damn well better.