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There’s been an idiotic emphasis on the Spanish Flu in the idiotic mass media of late. I can’t remember if I covered this here or at FP. At any rate, all the usual hoaxers are saying that as bad as it was, we narrowly beat the 1918 Pandemic (which was not from Spain) because everyone wore a mask. To make the point, one fake news story featured a picture of a field hospital crowded with hundreds of sick men and dozens of doctors and nurses – and not one of them wore a mask. !Science!

Here’s the truth from way back then.

[Conclusion] 6. Masks have not been demonstrated to have a degree of efficiency that would warrant their compulsory application for the checking of epidemics.

My Black Panther Halloween mask is just as inefficient as the bank robber or low-rent doctor Halloween mask you’re wearing.


I wanted Darth Vader but this was the only adult model they had. And I still can’t bring myself to wear it in public.