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Get off that national debt clock site! Their $26 Trillion dollar figure for total federal debt is wrong. Rep. Ken Buck (R – Buck Stops Here?) says it’s $30 Trillion. Right now. Tomorrow it might be 40 or 666 Trillion. Who knows? But, yes, this does go a long way towards making my “at least $40 Trillion by 2024” prediction a reality.

And Buck is right that not one politicritter in DC even mentions the thing or ever thinks of paying it off one day. It will never be paid. Repudiated? Yes. Paid? No.

And, it’s probably a hair higher than even what he says. Remember, government claims and estimates are always off, sometimes by orders of magnitude. Maybe it would be better to use the debt clock’s $153,000,000,000,000+ unfunded liabilities calculation instead.

Pick any number, because none of them matter anymore.