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Herein, I expound upon something I covered last week. The following was also submitted to the Piedmont Chronicles, as columns sometimes are.

Editorial Style in Black and White

(and Nationalism in a Music Video [which was pulled…])

Dear White People, you have no shared culture or history. Those past five-thousand years of triumph, antiquity, exploration, norms, mores, and the invention of essentially everything was nothing but a mental mirage. Get used to it, so say the benevolent kapos at the ASSociated press. Accordingly, they will never capitalize “White” when used in conjunction or association with White People. Blacks, however, will enjoy the full big-letter treatment. Black. Letters. Matter.

For my part, I no longer capitalize anything pertaining to the ap, other than the “ASS” in associated, because the ap is a fake news outfit without a culture or a history. They do, however, have a mission and a narrative to promote. I highly suggest the educated read Gekaufte Journalisten von Udo Ulfkotte. You will have to make do in the original German as the English translation, Journalists for Hire, after a long publication battle, was mysteriously de-listed by Amazon almost as soon as it finally arrived. It’s like somebody was trying to obscure the truth or something.

Ulfkotte was the print journalist and editor who spilled the beans on how intelligence agencies either manufacture or manipulate major news stories. Odds are, if your country has a secret police force (like the CIA), then they control your information. They use scripts that don’t change much. The reader will immediately draw parallels between Ulfkotte’s experience during the Iran-Iraq War and Imperial Amerikan misadventures from earlier this year. One will also note the telling similarities in the ap’s sad little story about racial alphabets and those published by other major outlets, even as quoted in the CIA’s, excuse me, the ap’s version. It’s the reason why different reporters, regardless of the topic, all strangely use the exact same phraseology. This systematized hoaxing couples well with the concept of Sayanim, which I leave to your research abilities. 

The Achilleas Thniskon of the ap program is two-fold. First, their stories are only picked up by editors of dying newspapers, very few of them ever to be read by an increasingly illiterate population. The masses have defected to screens, which host their own insidious and never-ending mind control effects. Second, the ap’s little stylebook is only used by people who take bribes from the CIA, akin to cranks only using the MLA book and law students only using the Bluebook. There’s a much better guide anyway.

My 14th Edition Chicago Manual of Style addressed the black and white issue in 1993. Nationalities and other specific groupings of people should always be capitalized. Black and White are sometimes capitalized as representative of the collective identities of Africans or Europeans, though this is discretionary. See: §§ 7.33 – 7.35, pp. 246 – 247. Sane people – in short supply, I know – shouldn’t obsess over the matter so long as “ap” is always derisively lowercase.

The narrative concerns, as always, the spreading of misinformation; the mission is the destruction of irksome Western Civilization. Who might be behind such villainy? ap’s story is by one David Bauder and quotes a John Daniszewski. Bauder and Daniszewski. (((???))) Danniszewski claims that in addition to youse guys being third-rate trash people without a history, you also insert your lack of skin color into “systemic inequalities and injustices.” I suppose that means, what? Ending slavery, starting affirmative action, electing BHO, and ensuring civil rights enforcement? Or, is it symphonies, surgeries, laws, electricity, airplanes, computers, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera – ad infinitum? I’m not sure what he meant, but he did make clear that you lowercase unpersons are “white supremacists,” terminology he left lower case, as capitalization could constitute a capital offense – such is your privileged inequality and whatnot.

The ap also says that you lesser-script, second-class citizens, stale and pale, never experience discrimination. A family in Florida, what’s left of it, might beg to differ.

From Atlanta to Saint Louis to Minneapolis, the #BlackLettersMatter thugs have warned that they are “coming to the suburbs,” meaning they’re about to bring the party to the compact-character Amerikans. They are now doing so, as alleged and reported by ClickOrlando, a local news component of WKMG-6, and not by the ap, which is an outlet without a history or a culture. Two men, father, and son, are dead, a woman is in the ICU, and a little boy is traumatized, thanks to the generous and vibrant evening visitation by one Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins, who evidently enjoys killing lowercases before consuming bleach.

This specific anecdote is most indicative of overall crime statistical trends and rates. This kind of attack happens every day, at all hours, in all cities, counties, and states. It has for years, though thanks to the threats of BLM, it will intensify. The ASSociated presstitutes ignore these very real majority-victim stories in favor of entertaining hoaxes about drug-overdose respiratory problems, virtuous strippers not accosted by wicked lowercase college lacrosse players, and gentle cigar discount-seekers attempting to “borrow” police firearms. 

For the record, and from the (previous, as always) mugshot, it looks like Mr. Hopkins’s group identity should be capitalized and written out as “Uruks of Mordor,” as officially styled by Tolkien. Hopkins is the kind whom I guess the ap would call a victim of “systemic inequalities and injustices” heaped upon his misshapen Uruk head by the little-letter family (and, I suppose, by the makers of Chlorox). In a world of quality and justice, he would already be in the ground.

So, yeah, you syllabary peckerwoods, it’s kind of like what Fred “Safe in Mexico” Reed wrote last week. Other “milks” in other suburbs aren’t just waiting, unaware, for the gate-crashing, bat-wielding, late-night antics; they’re locked, loaded, and rather looking forward to the encounter. If you like 2020, then I’m positive you will absolutely love 2021!

If, perchance, you’re a younger, more innocent member of the diminutive icon set, who does not want to participate in a full-blown civil war of cultural revolution magnitude, then please consider, GET OUT! (This edition is FREE for now). 

Meanwhile, the descendants of Genghis Khan proudly and loudly celebrate their righteous pride and heritage. Here’s the juxtaposition of positive ethnocentrism against the regular, depressing domestic rot, a metal tribute to unabashed nationalism that no piece of paper can buy. Ten thousand thanks to Vox Day for digging up the following video:




(The HU, “This is Mongol!”) [Yeah, the video was yanked sometime after I submitted my draft to TPC. You can easily find the tune, however].

At 1:17 [On another version, you’ll know it when you hear it], when they really kick it, here’s what their man on horseback sings:

At the peaks of the mountains, may the Mongols’ spirit always thrive.

Let the Khan’s throne of our ancestors awaken us.

We are blessed by the power of Mongols, whose destiny is great.

And our noble ancestors exalt us!

Can you imagine weak, debased, and effeminate Amerikans rising from their knees, ripping off those ridiculous masks, and singing about their noble ancestors? No, neither can I. Not yet. But, regardless of how it’s slandered by some, nationalism is the future, baby. In certain places, it positively rocks.


Gazeta Polska, i in: To jedno z „zachodnich ostrzeżeń.” Boże błogosław. -P