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Or bragging?

Bernard Goldberg revisits the poll that found Amerikans are deathly afraid of speaking their increasingly drugged-out and feeble minds. It’s the reason some of my columns are censored. It’s why the rest are afraid to say anything, for fear of being called bad names by thugs and satanists who already hate them.

His whole first paragraph is further proof that things haven’t changed since a Carpenter told off the Pharisees. There is no “accepted wisdom,” or wisdom of any kind anymore. Kids learn nothing in skoolz. The press is bought and paid for. The virus? What? Only violent mob attacks are “protected” assembly. Churches are in shambles. And, who the hell cares about voting for more of the same and more of the same?

He’s right to suggest that the US Empire isn’t like the USSR and communist China – it’s worse. We have been enslaved by globalists who want to destroy, not just rule over us. This is the terminally-high price of allowing the nation to be taken over and wrecked by a bunch of insidious aliens. Good work, Pharisees. Now, get the hell out!