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Evidence emerges to back my theory: government incompetence is to blame for the fertilizer explosion in Beirut. 2,750 Tons of extremely dangerous chemicals? Let’s just leave it in this warehouse near the city center, for years, until someone decides it’s time to weld!

The people know things are bad:

“Even if foreign countries send help, the government will steal it,” said a 23-year-old student who was among hundreds of volunteers who showed up to help clear the streets of debris and broken glass.

Like a mini, Middle-Eastern DC!

Macron viewed the damage and listened to the complaints:

Oppressed citizen 1: “Mr. Macron, free us from Hezbollah!”

Oppressed citizen 2: “Mr. Macron, free us from our corrupt government!”

Macron: “I tell you that I am working hard for the interests of the international bankers!”

And the wheels on the bus…

UPDATE: In a rare move of anti-social distancing humanity, Macron did go forward and hug a woman. Kudos!