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Remember when America was still a nation and a country? Back before it dissolved into a nest of ugly, obese, mentally-ill, retarded heathens? Yeah, I’m having trouble with the recall myself. It doesn’t help being hounded by masked morons in the grocery store. Thank God she wore a mask; I almost turned to stone just from view above the nose. And, isn’t it funny that people who are so terrified of a tiny virus that can’t kill them (by itself), don’t seem to mind confronting a heavily-armed man who could?

Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for showing your true colors during this hoaxdemic. You’ve also reinforced my commitment to maintaining control of my anti-irritation actions and my resolve to spend as little time as possible around the masses.

Furthermore, Prawie miałem to z moim martwym krajem. Byłoby dla mnie wielkim zaszczytem (i przywilejem, na który nie zasługuję) odwiedzić Was w Polsce i mieć Was jako odbiorców moich pism. Cóż, ty i twoi wybitni sąsiedzi na Słowacji, na Węgrzech iw innych miejscach w regionie. Ze swojej strony pracuję nad tym. Dzięki i niech Bóg cię błogosławi.