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Thanks to the leaked videos, presented through a DailyMail hit piece, one can watch George Floyd OD on Fentanyl.

Floyd was high as a kite. The officers asked him about this, and they asked the two passengers (whom we’ve previously heard nothing about) about it. Floyd was erratic and disruptive. He started saying he couldn’t breathe, along with many other statements, before he was placed on the ground. He began making parting statements, typical of someone who knows he is or could be dying. He knew that because he, unlike the police, knew what he had ingested. The passengers must have seen him take the dope. Are they accessories?

The dumbshit masses will probably see these videos the way the dumbshit Mail “reported” them. But, coupled with the autopsy report, this should terminate any murder charges. If that happens, or if it does not, look for this to continue to blow up.