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Almost too many and too fast to track. Yesterday, I listened to Gerald Celente blast apart the hype and idiocy about Sweden v. Belgium. So, I thought I’d do my part with too states a little closer to the sad place I call … something.

South Carolina is being destroyed by the Coronahoax!!! So say the usual suspects. Worse than New York, which is somehow still in existence, if under siege. If there’s one thing SC has A LOT of, it’s old people. If there’s another, it’s overweight and unhealthy people. All of them drive… and, I suppose, fear getting a cold that could only aggravate their preexisting conditions. PANIC!!!

Across the river in Georgia, the AJC screams: “‘We are headed for a crisis’: Georgia hospital beds dwindle as virus cases soar,” while revealing that 2,322 of the available beds are taken by older, fatter, already sick and/or dying people. So, where’s the lie? Ask – always ask about these things. How many hospital beds are there in GA? It’s a big state with a lot of (unhealthy, fat, and mildly retarded) people, a lot of cities, and a lot of hospitals. How bad is this terminal dwindle?

The State says, via intermediaries, that there are 22,521 hospital beds. Dwindled down to about 90%. PANIC!!!

At this point, it’s safe to assume that if it’s in the news, it’s a hoax. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to work on the See-n-Say version of this blurb for the people in GA and SC.