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I called this one right. Antifa is a violent communist un-organization, but they mainly specialize in mischief. I doubted immediately the BS line that they were terrorists behind all the recent “George Floyd” vibrancy protests riots 4G warfare. Now, much as with OSB and the 9/11 hoax, there is little to no evidence of their involvement.

Attorney General William Barr promised a crackdown on members of the anti-fascist movement known as antifa and other “extremists” he blamed for helping to drive the violence.

But a Reuters examination of federal court records related to the charges, social media posts by some of the suspects and interviews with defense lawyers and prosecutors found mostly disorganized acts of violence by people who have few obvious connections to antifa or other left-wing groups.

The violence in the streets, which will get MUCH worse, is the natural product of a dead country disintegrating. This is just what you get, ask Mr. Gibbons. If you really want to blame someone, then just hop over to the nearest mirror. All your decades of dodging, ducking, appeasing, ignoring, head-sanding, pontificating, and pretending has produced what those things always do. Congratulations.