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As will everything else in the decaying Empire. And, if not for tens of trillion$ in nightly funny money, they – many of them – would have already gone under. They should have been allowed to fail 12 years ago. Even The Atlantic senses something is wrong, even as they refuse to fully acknowledge reality.

After months of living with the coronavirus pandemic, American citizens are well aware of the toll it has taken on the economy: broken supply chains, record unemployment, failing small businesses. All of these factors are serious and could mire the United States in a deep, prolonged recession. But there’s another threat to the economy, too. It lurks on the balance sheets of the big banks, and it could be cataclysmic. Imagine if, in addition to all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, you woke up one morning to find that the financial sector had collapsed.

The virus did it! You will wake up to such a report one day in the future. You’ll also wake up to carriers on the ocean floor. And, one day, you’ll learn that your mighty Empire is being violently fragmented into smaller, warring tribal nations. The Atlantic will have ceased publication by then, but some other bunch of idiots will be there to feign astonishment.

The good news is that this will usher in a needed debt jubilee. The bad news is so many won’t survive to see it.