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Last Friday at TPC here, I included the “French way” towards re-opening the schools. Maybe that’s not such a good idea.

Youngsters were assigned dystopian one-child “play squares” at a French school trying to figure out how to maintain social distancing as the national coronavirus lockdown eases.

Just keeping them safe at recess. Sure. I had thought the French schools superior to what passes for educational institutions in America (they are, what isn’t?). They teach critical thinking, demand real learning, have two-hour lunches, and the high schools are usually open campuses – the way American schools were before the collapse. But, this…

It looks the same as any retail store in the US. But these are kids, so it is dystopian – they don’t have the free choice and all. I’d expect this for your kids in the fall. Homeschool or “play squares.” Who am I kidding? What’s left of recess and PE in the US is probably already a casualty. Just homeschool. That’s école à la maison ou mourir.