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A San Francisco churchian “church” sues hoax video service.

One of San Francisco’s oldest churches has joined the chorus of complaints that Zooming is not safe — with a lawsuit claiming its bible study class was “Zoombombed” with pornography.

“The footages were sick and sickening — portraying adults engaging in sex acts with each other and performing sex acts on infants and children, in addition to physically abusing them,” according to the complaint filed Wednesday in federal court.

Immediately after shutting down the virtual class, whose participants were mostly senior citizens, the administrator of Saint Paulus Lutheran Church reached out to Zoom Video Communications Inc. for help, “but Zoom did nothing,” according to the complaint, which was filed as a proposed class action.

While such an occurrence (which wouldn’t happen if services were live, Corona) might rightly offend the Righteous to the point of mill-stoning the wicked, I cannot see why these Judeo-Christians are upset. Both their web homepage and their “about” section preach the sins of inclusion and diversity, in blasphemous contravention of the Bible, to include “…as such we celebrate the sexual diversity of [g*d]’s [SIC] world welcoming and embracing our brothers and sisters – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer – in communion in all its forms…” It’s a big rainbow, you bigots! Are not the P’s of the acronym of hell worthy of your welcome and embrace?

Forget Zoom; the hacker was probably a parishioner.