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Mission to Destroy Western Civilization Rebrands Under COVID-19: Understanding the Satanic Schooling Movement

Well, well, another week and more national affairs. Hang up the spacesuit, adjust your Halloween mask, grab a refreshing glass of Clorox, and let’s once again discuss the state of the schools.

Last week we examined the ongoing collapse and gave thought to the future. This week is much the same, except we begin with a word or three from the loyal opposition. My title today is a rewording of Mission to Destroy Public Education Rebrands Under COVID-19: Understanding the Christian Homeschooling Movement, by one Chrissy Stroop. “Chrissy” looks a whole lot like “she” may have started out as a Christopher and is, uh, transitioning. It has a Ph.D. in Russian history – lemme guess, a big fan of Trotsky?? – and doesn’t seem to think well of Christians or Christ or anyone slightly to the right of old Leon. My guess is that it hates God because it blames God for its illness. So, it has resorted to “logic and science,” except, of course, for the logical science of sexual biology, transcranial magnetic therapy, or lithium bio-chemistry.

However, this hateful, projecting, and deeply mentally-ill man did give me an idea. Its repetitive and derisive language about the “Christian Right” – and that is what my side is, thanks – made me realize what the other side is. Meet the Satanic Left. That’s really all there is to Xir Stroop’s article. I can’t criticize him, uh her, or … whatever, directly. But, in general, that faction’s biggest gripe about the current shutdown is the lack of direct access to the kiddies, whom they view by-and-large as targets and snacks. Sadly, they’ve had to resort to sneaking around the public parks (where opened) for their thrills. Yeah…