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The public schools in France are somewhat different than those (we used to have) in the US Empire – namely, the French schools are somewhat effective with education. Now, in the wake of the Great US Biowarfare Attack and Hoax of 2020, the French schools prepare to kind of reopen.

The 10 percent of children returning will be those of families living in “great precariousness” and those whose parents are caregivers, teachers, essential traders, or public transport system workers, he said.

According to unofficial estimates from school directors in the French capital, however, 40 to 60 percent of parents want to see their children back in school next week, despite the health complications. Some have reportedly even threatened to file complaints against the Paris city hall over the situation.

Parisian classrooms will also reopen according to age, with students in the CP and CM2 (six to 10 years old) age groups coming back first, while other levels won’t be back at their desks until June – posing a problem for parents who want to return to work in the meantime.

Unwieldy as it might be, that approach will probably work – in France. We could try something similar in the USE. Since only about 10% of our students are proficient in anything, why not reopen our schools just for them? Again, whatever they do in Paris and Nantes will work to a degree. What we do will not.