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HOAX, noun: Something done for deception or mockery.

I keep hearing and reading the laments of the Boomers, the other Boomers, some more Boomers, and a few Silents (though not so many GIs) that so many of them stupid young people just ain’t taking the Corona Hoax seriously. Yeah, about that…

I’m a member of Generation X. Some of us have tried to help, others have become entangled in the problem. For the most part, we’re overlooked by those older and younger. But, we did have a chance to experience both worlds: we saw the old America, even as it decayed; and, we were the first guinea pigs in the great experiment that made society what it is today. We can (or should) feel for the young even as we remember what the elder generations did. I’m calling on those of us born between 1965 and 1980 to finally stand up and do something.

This post is written in defense of the Millennials and the Zoomers and any post-Zoomers, the ones trying to eat out, go to the beach, and live life as normally as possible in the toilet paper-free, mask-wearing, fiat-spending, news-addicted, schoolbus nutrition-delivering, hand sanitized, post-American zombie wasteland. For the Boomers and older generations reading this: if you are personally offended, then you are part of the damned problem (consider this a mirror).

They keep wailing and moaning that the kids don’t care: via their careless, hoax-averse living, they’re allegedly endangering and dishonoring their parents and the older folks. The kids are told they must honor and respect their elders, who, by and large, resemble a bunch of bloated, tottering, braindead fools. Some of these fools have foolishly invoked the Biblical admonition to honor the mother and father. They now appeal to “old-fashioned” values about youth and seniority. Two divorced and absent parents do not a generation make, and the same Bible openly condemns entire generations for their collective wickedness. So, I ask, what older generations?

The older generations that killed off the Bible and the old-fashioned ways?

The older generations that, just a week or so back, were making fun of the kids for being a bunch of slackers who can’t pay back the student loans the elders said they had to take out?

The older generations that divorced in mass and left the kids to flail, cry, and be tormented over the destruction of their homes?

The older generations that stole the last bits and pieces of the money, leaving nothing but debt and debris in their wake?

The older generations that suppressed wages while inflating consumer prices to the moon?

The older generations that opened the floodgates and welcomed 100 million incompatible non-Westerners?

The older generations that did nothing while the sorcerors, the wizards, the freaks, the corporations, the government, the NGOs, the televisions, and the dope dealers laid waste to the culture?

The older generations that lived for the moment, ignored their children and grandchildren and then demanded that the young pay for their retirements, their medical treatments, and the continuation of their lifestyles, all the while demanding they be respected for their self-righteous hedonism?

The older generations that ran the Churches into the ground while running the Flock out the door?

The older generations that enjoyed the last vestiges of semi-decent education, only to abandon their children to the Ivied Tower of Babel?

The older generations that ushered in a world destined to genetically alter the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of those who came after them?

The older generations that killed any link to the civil liberties once ascribed to the dead constitution?

The older generations that turned America into a police state?

The older generations that demanded the young go forth to fight Satanic foreign wars for the profits of the banks and corporations of the police state?

The older generations that sheepishly jumped at every hoax and lie ginned up by the politicians and the media, expecting everyone else to jump as well?

The older generations that, with moderate prompting and assistance, completely and utterly destroyed the coherent nation of America?

The older generations that aborted half of the younger generations in cold, selfish blood?

Perhaps the best way to honor and respect those people would be to get them in the ground and then forget they ever existed. And no, we do not have to live with and suffer from their legacy of evil failure. We can move on and erase it, starting right now.

Party on, kids. Gen X has your backs.