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Greetings. I am putting the finishing touches on a TPC short story for broadcast tomorrow. It features Dr. Tom Ironsides! And, he and a friend you might remember will discuss current events. I’m still working on it, packing as much up-to-date-ness in as I can. I’ll let you in on the gist:

The US Economy is Probably in Full-scale Collapse.

In the morning, I’m making the same claim at FP, and Tom and Co. present as much tomorrow at TPC. You heard it first if you didn’t already know. I hope I’m wrong, but even if I am, then this is a good taste of “the big one.” This could be the chance to finally reset things. But, so far, our “leaders” have only exponentially increased the same insanity that brought us to this point; they’re using the Corona as the most convenient cover. Think of it this way: soon the bug will be a memory; but, when the toilet paper comes back to Walmart, it might cost $10 per roll and you might have been laid off.

I’ll feature the TPC bit, here, in full. We’ll try to have fun with it.

Now, let’s see, was today’s 3,000 the DOW drop, or the COVID increase…