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Leave them closed. They are worse than useless. Somewhere in this strange nation-shaped kind of place, there’s a little school district that will experiment by making online class permanent after the Corona has subsided. And, they’re going to see an immediate improvement in all measures. It will happen. But, for now, the nearly-retarded people are in a tizzy that the children they forgot to “choose” away are now lingering around the house.

New York City schools will be closed for at least the next four-plus weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Sunday evening.

De Blasio said at a media briefing there would be no school until April 20, and perhaps for the rest of the academic year.

Oh no! Who’s going to feed the children?! Parents obviously have no experience in this field. Not to worry … the massive government has a plan to keep the “free” lunches flowing, even absent open prison school houses. I mentioned this one summer, a few years ago – how come so many of the kids, especially in such allegedly good economic times, are on free or reduced lunches? It didn’t just happen. Despite that booming (until recently) GDP, the ranks of the under-nourished (if overweight) youngsters have risen steadily. I randomly picked a sad, dead high school in Georgia for analysis. By no means is this my alma mater – I no longer claim any such. In this random school, back when I would have been interred there, 6% of students were on free or reduced lunches. Today, it’s about 96%. All other metrics have adjusted accordingly. Sad. Dead. Leave it closed.