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Churches worldwide are closing the doors out of disrespect to God and People unnatural fear of the Corona cold bug. A Catholic Priest notes the irony of the orders.

The churches remain open for the faithful to pray in, but it is not clear why worship—specifically the celebration of the Mass—is forbidden if celebrated prudently: prior to the decree, people were asked to sit in the pews at least three feet from each other. The irony, if not the contradiction, is that Masses can be celebrated behind closed doors in churches, monasteries, and convents, but the faithful cannot attend; if they ask to receive Holy Communion, however, they cannot be denied. If that is the case, why not celebrate Mass? Perhaps it is because the decision-makers do not share the understanding of the particular purpose of the Mass. As the ancient martyrs used to say, Sine Dominica non possumus. Without Sunday—that is, the Eucharist—we cannot live.

I’m an American priest incardinated in the Archdiocese of Florence. I can attest that this has taken the very life out of the faithful, to say nothing of the discouragement felt by many of us priests. Masses have never been suspended in the history of the Italian Peninsula—yet another first we may rather not have lived to see.

The Law is clear: the Faithful MUST be allowed Holy Communion. And as I noted earlier, if we truly believe, then why not put all faith in Jesus – to subdue the virus and all. Instead, Churches of all stripes, and I suppose a few Synagogues and Mosques are directing worshippers to go online and stare at Farcebook or Tiptap or something – to eschew Church and tune into an Orwellian spy site run by the enemy. I was starting to suspect I thought that COVID was (YET ANOTHER!) hoax or a false flag. Now, it’s looking more like a plot.