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CFF Friday Night Special: State of Emergency


Greetings, friends and beloved readers! Happy Friday the Thirteenth! I write to you, tonight, from inside the bunker. Having sealed the ten-ton blast door and having concluded my evening Skype with Emperor Putin, I thought it a dandy idea to cap this week’s fascinating national events of note. (That, and MB dialed it up). Right to it, shall we?

The Coronavirus (no song tonight)

COVID-19. Novel Coronavirus-19. nCoV-19. Wuhan-400. The Bat Soup Crazy Bug. It’s here, there’s fear, and I have no use for it. Check the following for pandemic information:

CSSE MAP – Official World Tally

The New York Times – Alternative Tally

THE CDC – Dedicated Information

Earlier today, there was an intermittent reporting error at the CSSE site concerning a drop in total US infections. I was mildly concerned, though the issue of the total has been corrected. However, following the correction, the US has just shy of 2,000 cases – call it a ten-fold increase in a week or ten days. Not good. It’s also not good that Georgia and Florida are still blanked as of press time. I assume no ill intention behind that. The NYT has GA with 42 cases, none in TPC home territory – yet. Do not assume it will stay that way. Other countries are still seeing steep daily increases and I would expect the US to have 5,000 to 10,000 by this time next week. We’ll play math games with the economy in a second. COVID-19 is infectious and it is lethal. But! The odds of getting it are still low and the odds of dying from it are even lower. For now, health-wise, do me two favors. One, please do not worry excessively or live in fear. Two, take care of yourself. Do that for old Perrin, would ya? 

Wash your hands.

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