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This morning I checked and there were over 1,700 cases in the US. Then a few minutes ago, it dropped to 1,268. Did all of FL, GA, TX, and CA suddenly, miraculously heal? Or, is this a posting error?

Regardless, we’re in for another announcement around 3 (maybe 4, Trump Time):

The president said he will hold a news conference at 3 p.m. in Washington. Trump spoke Friday with Emmanuel Macron, the French president tweeted, about the pandemic, and agreed to organize a video conference with world leaders on Monday to coordinate research efforts on a vaccine and treatments and work on how to respond to the economic fallout.

Trump is under increasing pressure to act as governors and mayors nationwide step up actions to mitigate the spread, closing schools and canceling public events. Declaring a national emergency would allow the government to marshal additional resources to combat the virus, and also marks a symbolic turning point for the president, who has repeatedly compared the coronavirus to the seasonal flu and insisted that his administration had the outbreak under control.

In related news: if Federal Reserve notes are disinfectants, then we have enough now to cleanse Earth and all the other inner planets!