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Flying commercial hasn’t been fun in nearly twenty years. I avoid it at almost all costs. Thanks, globos! Anyway, a couple in the frozen north found out the extremes that idiots will go to in order to make it even more uncomfortable.

A FAMILY of five say they were kicked off a plane just before takeoff over fears their coughing toddler could be infected with coronavirus.

Canadian Emmanuel Faug, his wife Clémentine Ferraton and their three kids boarded a flight from Quebec City to Paris on February 23.

However, it’s been reported fellow passengers then asked Air Transat cabin crew to question the family over 21-month-old Lila’s coughing.

Quebec to Paris – that’s problematic. Can’t drive it in a car. Boats take way too long. And – I’ve checked – a really nice charter to France runs around $80,000 – each way. For those tempted to fly internationally with the commoners, best have your paying coughing papers on hand. Had I been Faug, I might have called the police and reported that, just maybe to me, some of the other passengers looked and acted a lot like terrorists. Uh, for saaaafety and so forth.