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Or some such nonsense. Communism is the only solution ever floated by our insane caste of elites and experts. It’s the go-to for “climate change”, and now for obesity.

Dietz faulted the government for not pushing for more measures to promote physical activity and better eating. Building more sidewalks and passing a national tax on sugary beverages could make a big difference, he said.

Taxes and sidewalks… Well, I guess the gubmit best act as there is absolutely nothing the individual can do to improve his own health. Case closed…

42% of US adults are obese, up from whenever the last survey was conducted (which was also up, etc, etc). Something like 70% of the public is overweight – meaning just too heavy. Obese means severely overweight. 10% of adults are grossly obese. That’s about 27 million people. What does that mean? Really, really severely overweight?

Once again, I propose two simple solutions that do not involve taxes: 1) eat less, 2) move around some. It occurs to me that, despite writing the same things for years, the problem keeps getting worse. I may, in the future, employ reverse psychology.