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Seven of them, which cast doubt on the continuing climate hoax.

This article on Grist (h/t to James Taylor, The Heartland Institute) tries to point out how “terrible” the last decade was due to “climate change”. They write:

As this hottest-on-record, godforsaken decade draws to a close, it’s clear that global warming is no longer a problem for future generations but one that’s already displacing communities, costing billions, and driving mass extinctions. And it’s worth asking: Where did the past 10 years get us?

The seven charts below begin to hint at an answer to that question. Some of the changes they document, like the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the number of billion dollar disasters that occur each year, illustrate how little we did to reduce emissions and how unprepared the world is to deal with the warming we’ve already locked in.


We can also provide 7 charts that illustrate the last decade of climate change, and they tell a different story.

From the original article, it looks like the hoaxer’s solution to this non-existent problem is “climate legislation.” Even these fools don’t suppose the weather reacts to positive law; it’s about separating you from your money and freedom if any. On that note, by the cartoon poster at the end of Watts’s list, it appears that even he is confused about what makes for a good decade. At least he’s not looking for more legislation.