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Cancel them, or face a new dark age.

This article at once demonstrates the necessity of reading Vox Day and Ron Unz. No-one else continually comes up with the truth like this.

For thousands of years the leading tension of civilization has been over who is going to dominate and plan society’s economy. Will it be democratic governments or wise rulers seeking stability and military security? Or, will it be a financial oligarchy that wants to get rich by impoverishing the rest of society?

He’s correct. The ultimate and mathematically certain outcome of the current financial system is that the owners of the banks own literally all the property and all of the people. This is not a question of right-wing vs left-wing, and it’s very important to remember that banks are not capitalism, corporations are not human beings, and usury is not freedom.

Quite the opposite, as it happens.

As usual, there are commenters at Unz who can be relied upon to produce the retarded “conservative” attack on debt cancellation. Make no mistake, if at this point you still oppose debt cancellation on the grounds of “personal responsibility”, you are economically retarded, by which I mean, you are so stupid, so shortsighted, and so unable to do the very simple math involved that if I had the ability to do so, I would forbid you to read this blog.

If it’s selective then people who made responsible economic decisions will be forced to subsidize the self-indulgent and/or foolish economic decisions of others. 

The inexorable math of usury and the way in which credit shifts the demand curve upward dictates that however “responsible” your economic decisions are, sooner or later you will be forced to not only “subsidize the self-indulgent and/or foolish economic decisions of others”, you will be forced to make equally foolish decisions yourself. The fiscal conservative’s belief in “responsible debt” is no different than the Churchian’s belief in Judeochristianity, and it stems from exactly the same evil source.

“[B]anks are not capitalism, corporations are not human beings, and usury is not freedom.” Read the whole interview at Unz. This has been done repeatedly throughout history. It will be done again. It should be done now. And in keeping with the Nazi parallel, maybe Nuremberg the banksters too.

PS: Vox is dead right about the comments at Unz. Some can’t risk winning for their desire of continually defeat.