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I forgot to mention this when it happened a little while back: I have adjusted my big mandatory four daily comic strips. I switched out Get Fuzzy for Dustin. It’s now:



Dustin; and


Not that big a deal. I still read Fuzzy from time to time along with some others. It’s just that without any new strips in, what(?), a year or three, they were getting a bit old.

In other news, as a full-time meddler and part-time Francophile, I discovered – not at all to my surprise – that the annual tuition at a very good French state university costs about the same as, maybe even a little less than, my QUARTERLY tuition at UGA almost thirty years ago (ouch!). Yes, there are subsidies. They opted for an educated citizenry without a student loan usury crisis. Yet somehow they still manage to have long vacations, first-class highways, skyscrapers, GUNS (yes), nuclear-powered and armed warships, and a France that’s still, grabblers’ antics aside, almost 95% French. But hey, we got us freedom fries, right?!