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The lies just never end.

President Donald Trump spent the last couple of days tweeting compliments to the protesters and warnings to Tehran, both in English and in Farsi. On Sunday he demanded that Tehran “stop the killing of your great Iranian people.” There are no reports of deaths during the protests over the plane downing, even though law enforcement had to deploy tear gas and water cannons against an agitated crowd on several occasions.

Donald J. Trump


خطاب به رهبران ايران: معترضان خود را نكشيد. هزاران تن تاكنون به دست شما كشته يا زنداني شده اند، و جهان نظاره گر است. مهمتر از ان، ايالات متحده نظاره گر است. اينترنت را دوباره وصل كنيد و به خبرنگاران اجازه دهيد ازادانه حركت كنند! كشتار مردم بزرگ ايران را متوقف كنيد! https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1216356280933273600 

Donald J. Trump


To the leaders of Iran – DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS. Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the World is watching. More importantly, the USA is watching. Turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free! Stop the killing of your great Iranian people!

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Earlier, the president went so far as to remind Iranians that he – who vowed just days ago to annihilate 52 targets on Iranian soil in the event of a conflict with Iran, including prominent cultural sites – has allegedly stood with them since the beginning of his presidency.

He also Tweeted this bilingual BS even as US Imperial internet and tech companies continue to ban anyone to Trump’s rather left-leaning right and while US Imperial stormtroopers arrest American journalists without charges at airports in the US. Rich.

I assume that the 93 IQ people have already bought this load like all the others. For a little truth about how horribly oppressive the Iranian government is to its people, please READ THIS. Ironsides was serious about the slopes.


Iranian nationals and foreign visitors being killed and oppressed by that mean old Theocracy, likely at one of the 52 sites Trump has targeted.