Over the weekend, I started making some changes to the Youtube channel. Now, here, it’s just one intro link, sidebar left. I don’t really use it anymore, the subscriber base has dissipated, and, honestly, I’m just not a video person (hence, this site, the columns, and the books). In the channel’s infancy, I called it The Perrin Lovett Show. Later, it morphed into a Freedom Prepper outlet. Today, it largely sits idle. So, I removed about 90% of the videos – the Prepper News Weekly episodes, other FP matters, and a few related to TPC – are unlisted (still accessible from the various base links elsewhere); the majority of the rest are still there, just private now (for now).

About a dozen of the most popular videos and those related to my books remain. I also stopped the comments, such as there were. And, I simplified my own YT account considerably. Call it winter cleaning. In not unrelated news, I have a housekeeping post coming later today about the blog.

Cheers. P