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A few changes are in effect for 2020 (the remained of 2019 too).

First and most prominently, I have closed the comments for all new posts. I think I have sealed off older entries also. The post(s) of the current day still display “leave a comment;” however, ALL go to moderation without automatically appearing in sequence. Why? Well, anymore there aren’t that many comments in the first place. But you simply would not believe the garbage that the filters catch – spam, attacks, and walls of idiotic text. I’m done with that. I do apologize to the very few long-time readers who still leave thoughtful comments. Most of you know how to get ahold of me if there’s something that has to be added via a quoted update. And, should I find one of your comments before it flys off to the land of moderation, I’ll happily let it through. The “like” feature remains.

Second, I have removed all links to various (anti) social media. I have no interest in entertaining or confusing the 95 IQ denizens of Farcebook or Twitland. I almost left the WP “press” button and considered adding “print” or “email,” but, why? This is a ban on direct links; if it’s pressing, then you can always cut and paste a link address to the social or other function of your choice. As noted, the “like” feature is still here along with the “reblog” button. No apologies.

Third, the policy going forward is that this blog does not accept guest submissions. Nor will I answer inquiries regarding the same. The exception to this new rule would only apply to people whom I know and/or trust. Ironically, almost all of them have their own platforms. If you have a genuine interest in spreading some idea to the www, then please visit WP, Blogger, Wix, or some other development program and start your own forum. The rest of you, phish somewhere else.

As always, I reserve the right to make (or threaten to make) other changes. The foregoing is made in response to continuous activities here, noted and otherwise. And, there is a new direction on the internet of which I am becoming extremely dubious. I was not kidding, a while back, about the manual typewriter and electricity.

It’s going to be an exciting year. Please stay tuned and thank you for your support.