The Amerikan way.  The rich support a wealth tax on the richer.

A majority of millionaires support a wealth tax on those worth $50 million or more, but their support declines for a tax on those worth $10 million, according to a new poll.

Fifty-nine percent of millionaires said they would support a new federal tax on wealth over $50 million, according to the Q4 CNBC Millionaire Survey. Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s tax plan includes a wealth tax of 2% on wealth over $50 million and 6% over $1 billion.

Forty-eight percent opposed a wealth tax on those worth over $10 million.

Attitudes toward the wealth tax are also strongly dependent on political party rather than wealth levels. Fully 88% of Democratic millionaires support a tax on wealth over $50 million, compared with just a third of Republican millionaires.

Do these Robins in the hood not know they can just voluntarily pay additional taxes on a voluntary basis? Whatever. I think I have a solution to this issue which would raise untold sums of revenue and simultaneously pay off ALL debts. More on that next week at TPC.