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The other Khan of London, the one who was under court order not to be there, went anyway. Is anyone surprised that this cat was less than enthusiastic about following the rules in the West?

THE London Bridge terrorist was banned from entering London but had a one-day exemption to attend an ex-convict event, it emerged last night.

Usman Khan, 28, from Staffordshire, was released from prison in December last year on condition he obey 20 strict conditions – which included not visiting the capital.

The NTA (like the NRA, but short for the “Narwhal Tusk Association”) is lobbying hard to divert attention away from the dangers of bridges and fire extinguishers. Where’s Jeremy Corbyn when we need him? Sentencing reform is what will say the UK! Well, that and more DIEversity. If only they’d added a 21st fantasy condition about not stabbing people to death and running amock with a bomb belt. For shame.