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Coca-Cola hasn’t been the same since they toned down the original key ingredients. Sprite ain’t much better. But, they be “woke.”

This latest creation borne out of the Cultural Marxist laboratory, which just happens to be a commercial for Sprite, a beverage produced by the Coca-Cola Company, features several adolescents preparing for their attendance at some rainbow-festooned event on the streets of a soulless urban jungle. If the ad feels more like a documentary than a promotional for carbonated sugar water that’s because no actor is ever seen quenching their thirst with the drink. Instead, the product has become a vehicle – a veritable Trojan horse – for driving home a hugely controversial issue into the living rooms of millions of Americans.

In the Sprite TV ad, an apparent mother [the word ‘apparent’ is necessary since the term ‘gender’ has become an entirely fluid concept defined solely by a person’s feelings, which may change at a whim] opens the action to the sound of melodramatic melodies as she applies eyeliner on her apparent biological son. Cut away to scene two. Yet another apparent mother helps her apparent daughter wrap herself into a corset to conceal the fact that ‘she’ has breasts. Heaven forbid! Whether a mastectomy is on the horizon for the ‘girl’, together with a lifetime commitment to testosterone injections, the audience is none the wiser.

Next, an apparent grandmother dotes over her apparent cross-dressing grandson as he dons a mauve wig before wiggling in uncontained excitement, together with Baba, at their reflection in the mirror. I’m struggling to imagine a grandmother that would ungrudgingly accept such a scenario, but in the fizzy pop reality world of the Coca-Cola Company anything is possible.

What’s missing in this corporate-sponsored trip to the far side of insanity? Well, for starters, common sense. After all, is it really wise to award hero status upon pubescent teens over their sexual orientation, which is oftentimes confused at best? Teenagers are already greatly influenced by the myriad messages they are bombarded with daily over social media. Do they really need a Fortune 500 company promoting a lifestyle, namely transgender, which carries with it an entire rainbow of untold risks? The liberal media rarely reports it, but there are thousands of youth right now attempting to reverse the bodily harm they have done to themselves by trying to physically become the opposite sex, which is – it needs to be clarified once and for all – absolutely impossible.

If you were looking for a dead canary in the mine, here he is.

Vox Day mentioned this commercial a week or so ago. I didn’t seek it out then, and I haven’t watched it now. There’s just no need, especially so soon after breakfast. What’s the goal here? Keep pushing the lunatic agenda at all costs? There’s no point in boycotting Coke or any of the other converged companies. Well, there is, but that’s up to you. We could easily find ourselves with no modern conveniences at all.

Now, I’m thirsty. For water.