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The wise, but nameless SJWs of South Bend attempt the destruction of a finer school.

Activists at the University of Notre Dame are demanding a radical transformation of school policies and curriculum to purportedly cater to the desires of non-white, LGBT, and female students.

A student group calling itself “End Hate at ND” has issued a list of demands and has held multiple campus protests in an attempt to bring about those changes.

Included in the list are calls to “Decolonize Academia” and “Implement Diversity Training In Each Dorm.”

“No course or program of study should have a view limited to white, western, and/or male voices,” the group says. “We demand that people who are of Color, Indigenous, Black, queer, or not male are represented in the authorship of at least half course and major required readings. Diversifying the canon helps eliminate the violence of only privileging white scholarship.”

Violence? Eliminate the white male scholarship, and you eliminate the University. And, the West. That, one supposes, is the goal. Maybe these rats should shun other white violence, like electricity, medicine, cars, computers, and making demands. I demand they do so – go protest in the woods somewhere.

My niece, one of them, attends ND. At Christmas, if I remember (probably won’t), I’ll have to ask her how they razz and ridicule the mental snowflakes.