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Well, the book is working its way through the printer, and already I discover people remarking about “the Substitute.” Here are a few of the comments I found out there:

“Yo! Dude can read, add, and tell time. He like a wizard!” – QaMarqus, Eighth Grader

“The man is dangerous. Not just to our enemies. Period.” – Dep. Director, CIA, NCS

“A walking right-wing violation of the narrative. No idea how he got past the dissertation committee. And, why can’t anyone find Dr. Ludahwitz?’ – Marie, Ph.D., Harvard

“Best operator I’ve ever known. Glad he’s my friend. More glad he’s not my enemy.” – Ronald “Oak” Moreland, US Navy SEAL (Ret.)

“I couldn’t walk for a few days. But MY GAWD it was good!” – Leah, Supermodel

“We miss his style and finesse in the field. That violent, raging finesse…” – [REDACTED], SIS Agent

“Please! I’ll give you any… NOOO!!! *GAHHH*.” – R.K., Int’l Child Sex Predator (Deceased)

“He seems unorthodox but highly effective. And, damn girl, he could substitute for my husband!” – Carla, High School Math Teacher

“He knows too much!” – JP Roth, Basel, CH

“Yeah. My best customer!” – Rico, Rico’s Beer and Cigar Stand

Learn more soon.

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Tom Ironsides is The Substitute