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All that great technology and progress and whatnot may see humans devolve within a hundred years, literally sliding back down the “ascent of man” poster.

Experts have examined the way technology will affect the human form, suggesting the body may change dramatically.

Creating a 3D model of a future human called “Mindy”, scientists said people living in 2100 may have hunched backs from hours of sitting over computers and looking at smartphones.

Mindy also has bigger neck muscles to compensate for her poor posture, a thicker skill to protect from radiation and a smaller brain that has shrunk from leading a largely sedentary lifestyle.

Humans in fewer than 100 years may also have claw-like hands from gripping their phones

And, the nuts want future “humans” to live for 100, 1,000, 10,000 years – like that. Smaller brains and weaker bodies… Probably with mental issues too. Sounds like the makings of a new race of SJW Untermenschen. I wonder if “Mindy” agrees with “her” cis-normative naming? Can she agree with anything? I’m sure that the bright minds of Big Tech have loving solutions to all of these issues – like “smart” chips embedded in the (smaller) brains and so forth, easy direct access to … whatever, and easy control (which will go two ways). I’m not as sure, but I’m getting there, that all this damned technology may be a huge mistake.