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California (where else?) deploys a literal Robocop.

The robot, dubbed “HP Robocop,” is described as an “autonomous data machine” and is expected to be officially unveiled by the Huntington Park police department on Tuesday.

Equipped with 360-degree video cameras, Huntington Park police will deploy “HP RoboCop” to monitor and surveil areas such as parks and city buildings. The robot will then be able to relay video footage from its cameras to police headquarters in order to facilitate fast and safe responses from police officers.

“HP RoboCop” will also be able to roll down sidewalks and recite phrases to members of the public, such as “excuse me” and “good day to you.”

Wait until it starts saying phrases like “drop the weapon!” and “your termination has been ordered.”

This model appears very similar to the Knight-Bot that “committed suicide” after running over a child in Virginia. So … why not take the little kids to see one in person! What could go wrong?

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It would be safer to attention-whore by filming the kiddies (for Facebook!) playing with razor blades.