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Read, now, about how Facebook treats its employees (contractors). And, these are the people charged with both actual defenses against online garbage and, one might assume, things that offend SJW sensibilities. A tale from Tampa:

Utley was pronounced dead a short while later at the hospital, the victim of a heart attack. Further information about his health history, or the circumstances of his death, could not be learned. He left behind a wife, Joni, and two young daughters. He was 42 years old.

On Monday morning, workers on the day shift were informed that there had been an incident, and they began collecting money to buy a card and send flowers. But some site leaders did not initially tell workers that Utley had died, and instructed managers not to discuss his death, current and former employees told me.

“Everyone at leadership was telling people he was fine — ‘oh, he’ll be okay,’” one co-worker recalled. “They wanted to play it down. I think they were worried about people quitting with the emotional impact it would have.”

But the illusion shattered later that day, when Utley’s father, Ralph, came to the site to gather his belongings. He walked into the building and, according to a co-worker I spoke to, said: “My son died here.”

Cover-ups. Lies. More lies. Lies about lies. Bed bugs. Filth. No reason not to stop watching the cute cat iguana videos, right? No reason not to give all your money up for Zuck Bucks, huh?