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55% of American women between 18 and 54 would take Marx over Smith.

  • 55 per cent of U.S. women between age 18 and age 54 would prefer to live in a socialist society rather than a capitalist one ,polling data from mid-April show
  • That number is 40 per cent for men and women combined, underscoring a deep gender schism
  • Self-described Democratic socialists like New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders have brought socialism back in vogue
  • Americans don’t agree on what socialism is, but majorities understand that socialist governments own companies rather than private individuals or groups 
  • Large majorities agree that providing a basic living to everyone and covering the cost of tuition and healthcare are hallmarks of socialist systems 
  • Venezuela is suffering famine and near revolt after instituting socialist reforms; socialism undergirded Soviet communism

Before August 18, 1920, there was sort of a national compromise. Men, as a whole, agreed to let women vote. In exchange, women promised to educate themselves about politics and economics. Men kept their word. This poll and many other studies show that women, as a whole, did not.

Next year, the MSM will probably hold a big centennial celebration for tha gurls. The year after that, the famine will likely commence.