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Be careful what you wish for, New York. You might get it and more. Of course, they’re selling this as “liberation” of women and immigrants.

Sex work would be broadly legalized in New York state under a first-of-its-kind bill introduced by state legislators on Monday.

A group of lawmakers first called for legislation in February, but on Monday they finally came forward with a 13-page bill that would bring dramatic changes to the sex trade in the state.

The bill, written with advocacy group DecrimNY, would make it legal to both buy and sell sex under certain circumstances and modifies laws around facilities that are used as places of prostitution.

“For us, this is a bodily autonomy issue — our bodies, our choice — but more than that, it’s an economic issue. And it’s personal,” Jessica Raven, one of Decrim NY’s organizers, wrote in a Daily News op-ed Monday.

Two of the bill’s sponsors, state senators Jessica Ramos and Julia Salazar, have said that 9 out of 10 people arrested in sex-work-related massage parlor raids are immigrants, with most being undocumented Asians.

So, they did the same thing in Germany a while ago. And, over there, certain women discovered a downside to all the freedom. Able-bodied women, on public assistance, were told that prostitution was a career choice and that if they did not try it their benefits would be terminated. It makes perverse sense: many of the women are sexually active, as evidenced by their growing broods. Ergo, they should make money turning their hobby into a business and save the doll a few bucks. Rock. Hard place.

One assumes, this being NY, that any affected immigrants will keep safely feeding at the trough and that any completely unexpected children resulting from the profits can be safely terminated (at any time).

Escape from New York, more of a motto than a movie.