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As the IQs fall and other dsygenic markers manifest, we see signs. Some are literally tattooed on people. I marked this story but forgot about it: U. Miami study links tattoos to mental issues.

People with tattoo are more likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues and suffer from sleep problems, findings of new research have revealed.

In a survey-based study published in International Journal of Dermatology on Jan. 24, Karoline Mortensen, from the University of Miami, and colleagues investigated a potential association between tattoo and negative health-related outcomes and risky behaviors.

They found that having tattoos was not significantly related to overall health status. Nonetheless, their survey, which involved more than 2,000 adults in the United States, found that people who have inked skin were more likely to suffer from mental health issues and sleep problems.

Compared with their non-tattooed counterparts, people with tattoos were also more likely to have a higher number of sex partners in the past year. They also tend to be smokers, and likely to have spent time in jail.

Brain scanning might help explain the correlation. Then again, was a study really needed to reach this conclusion?

Yes, yes, pedants, I’m sure yours is special…