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Not the best, but what it is, this week:


This one is a little short by my standards. My ultra-secret project is winding down and, honestly, I’m worn out. A new short work of fiction is materializing. As much time as it’s consumed, it’s still not quite ready.


Several ideas for this week presented themselves in due order. One kinda sorta made it, here, today. But, I needed a context. And, brothers and sisters, I found it, in a most unlikely manner, in a most likely place.


I have, for many years now, been a frequent fixture at various cigar shops, from Florida to New Hampshire. This afternoon, with a rare bit of “time off,” I decided to visit one of my former favorites. My purposes were two-fold: to have a smoke and to work on this column. Of the two, the smoking might be going more smoothly:


Picture by Perrin.