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The people simply don’t want, don’t deserve, and will not have any freedom. Forget the invasion, the economic hurricane, and everything else; “children” smoking is still a crisis. You are sooooolucky to have this Congress ready to act.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday introduced a bill to raise the federal age for purchasing tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to 21, increasing the chances that Congress will clear a significant smoking-related bill for the first time since a major tobacco control law was enacted a decade ago.

The bill comes amid growing concerns about the youth use of e-cigarettes, which reached record levels in 2018. That marked a troubling reversal of declines in smoking traditional cigarettes.

Those worrisome trends prompted McConnell to introduce the bill, despite the important role that tobacco farming plays in the economy of his home state Kentucky, he said in a Senate floor speech Monday.

Shit, yeah. That’s the best fix this side of an election!

Of course, Mitch and the GOP are on board.

Of course, there’s bipartisan support.

Of course, corporate tobacco is in favor.

Of course, busybodies are concerned.

Of course, the stupid American people don’t care.

Of course, 21 is the natural age of majority.

Of course, the pols lied to “underage” servicemen.

Of course, that makes these people potential war criminals…

[They already do this with alcohol]: If a “boy” can enlist and go to war at 18, but not be considered an “adult” for another three years, then what does that mean? It means the US Empire sends children to war. Under the Geneva Convention, that’s a war crime.

If you voted, in any way, for any of this, maybe you’re complicit and should be tried too – maybe under Nuremberg protocols. After all, the polidiots were just following your orders.